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Privacy Statement:
Deerbrook Pharmacy, LLC
8901 FM 1960 Bypass West #102
Humble, Texas 77338
Ph. 281-446-0061 Toll Free; 866-525-1196
Deerbrook Pharmacy and it's employees collect data through a variety of means including but, not limited to phone calls, fax transmissions, conversations and electronic transmissions for the sole purpose of providing care and services for the population that we serve.
Information about your health, financial situation and care that we provide for you either directly or indirectly is held in strict confidence.
We do not give out, exchange or offer information to any person or company that is not involved in the provision of care for you.
We do not use cookies on our website to collect data from our visitors. We do not collect information about site visitors except for "one hit" encounters on our main page (www.deerbrookrx.com) to capture the number of visits to our site and nothing more.
To avoid potential data collection, simply DO NOT click on any outside affiliate that may happen to be linked to our site.
Any pictures, stories or letters sent to us becomes the exclusive property of Deerbrook Pharmacy, LLc. We reserve the right to use non identifying information in the promotion of our business. Clients will not be compensated for the use of this information and no identifying information (pictures, identifiable names etc) will be used without express advance permission. You may specifically request that NO information be used whatsoever, but you must identify any requested restrictions in writing. We respect your right to privacy and assure you that none of your identifying information will be shared with anyone other than those who are involved in your care or services.
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